Gilbert Gottfried returns to Stanhope

Once the voice behind some famous poultry stars, Gilbert Gottfried, is returning to Sussex County to perform his stand-up comedy act at the Stanhope House on Aug. 8.

As a comedian, actor and voice actor, Gottfried is well known for voicing the parrot Iago in Disney’s “Aladdin” and the Aflac Duck.

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Howie Mandel talks about his OCD, ADHD, role as judge of AGT and comedy

You may never get to shake Howie Mandel’s hand, but if you’re brave enough you can try heckling him for a response at his upcoming show in Morristown on July 16.

In fact, the judge of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” encourages audience members to speak up at his shows.

“I don’t need a plan when I get on stage,” Mandel said in a phone interview. “I have lots of material and things I can do. If something pulls me off that plan — a noise in room, a technical problem — that is gold for me. I don’t mind if people talk to me. I look at it as one giant party.”

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In search of the Northern Lights

Photos by Alexis Tarrazi

Photos by Alexis Tarrazi

By Alexis Tarrazi (Dirt Magazine)

When we booked our vacation, my friend Katie and I thought it was a given that if you traveled thousands of miles to Iceland, you’d see the aurora. It turns out we had much to learn about the Northern Lights, a display caused by solar flares entering earth’s magnetic field, which can only be glimpsed in the Arctic regions… or so we thought.

When we took off from Newark in March, bound for Reykjavik, the interior of the Icelandair plane sported Northern Lights simulations. As our plane touched down on the runway, which had a few inches of snow on it (no biggie for them), we were all smiles.

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Oscar has success at Westminster

BY ALEXIS TARRAZI (West Milford Messenger)

Photos provided Oscar shows off his agility moves.

Photos provided
Oscar shows off his agility moves.

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Farm to bottle distillery opens in Goshen

Straight from the soils of Orange County, two friends are taking drinking local to a whole new level with the creation of their home grown craft distillery.

Bryan Ensall of Fairfax, Va. and John Glebocki of Goshen, recently launched Orange County Distillery — a true farm to bottle operation.

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The future of houses

 Milford-based architect Richard Pedranti is bringing a green change to the local area. He is building Northeastern Pennsylvania’s first Passive House or as he calls it, “the future of houses.”

This environmentally-friendly building in Scranton typically use 80 percent less energy for heating and cooling than code built buildings.

“A Passive House conserves energy by creating a virtually air-tight, super insulated, compact building envelope that uses the sun and internal gains to achieve space conditioning,” according to press release about the home. “Exceptional indoor air quality is provided by a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) creating a constant supply of filtered fresh air.”

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Ready to shred: Milford local releases book, rock music album

BY ALEXIS TARRAZI (Pike County Courier)

Photos provided Milford native Mike Harrison.

Photos provided
Milford native Mike Harrison.

MILFORD — Milford native Mike Harrison is no stranger to the music scene, having been immersed in it since he was a child.

Taking his passion for music, Harrison recently released a method book for advanced electric guitar players and also produced an album, “Welcome to Glove Mart,” earlier this year.

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